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Rosco and Mikey Review: Gomorrah

“Don’t watch this drunk”

Today Rosco and Mikey review Gomorrah, the 2008 Italian film directed by Matteo Garrone and based on the book by… someone. The film is set in Naples and layers the plots of five people involved in, or touched by, the activities of an organized crime syndicate within the Camorra.

Foreign language films are hard work. No one wants to spend their leisure time reading and this one in particular is not for the weak-minded. It’s a long movie. You will have to concentrate. Know that.

On the upside, Rosco and Mikey agree that Gomorrah is gritty, real and well-acted. It is slow to start but Rosco points out that this is because it’s based on real life, and real life is pretty boring. Whilst they disagree on whether the film explodes into action in the second half, it sure sounds like something happens there towards the end.

Rosco is developing a palette for foreign films, and this one is no exception.