“Who wrote this garbage?”
ATM is an American horror film released in 2012. To summarise: three co-workers find themselves trapped in a secluded ATM and are then terrorized by a killer for the remainder of the film.
Mikey is mystified by this plot – how is that all that happens?! But Rosco, as usual, is able to point to the massive “twists”. Namely, that the killer planned all of this terrorizing and didn’t even bring a toolbox! This really is the crux of the issue. Rosco would take a toolbox with him to a picnic, and this guy doesn’t have tools for scheduled violence? Sorry, Rosco’s not buying what you’re selling ATM.
This film is so bad, Rosco invents a new rating system – the black hole, for when a film is so horrible it sucks the life out of you. ATM gets not one, but two black holes.
Mikey gives ATM one star, which is explicable only by the fact that Mikey is Nob of the Week.