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Episode 26 – Alan Partidge, Big Bad Wolves, The Master

Episode 26

The Master

The Master


Big Bad Wolves

Big Bad Wolves

Alan Partidge: Alpha Papa

Alan Partidge

Escape from Tomorrow


New World

Episode 2


“If gore porn is for you… there’s practically none of it here”
Die is another sub-par horror film – kind of like Saw except it’s really really really bad. Directed by Dominic James and released in 2010, Die is about a man who finds people who have failed in their suicide attempts. He locks them away and makes them roll a dice to determine how another person will suffer through their chosen suicide method. If you think that sounds crap, you’d be right. Ross points out a key twist, being that the main detective on the case is a woman. Rosco and Mikey then tell us about “gore porn” but helpfully point out there’s practically none if it here. Rosco reckons the cinematography is crap – everyone in the film wears such drab clothes, like in Chicago.